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Welcome to

Tasty Hour.​


Sustainable catering that fights food waste


We are a Barcelona-based “food on a mission” startup actively fighting food waste and promoting sustainable food systems through our corporate caterings, events, talks and workshops. 


Help reduce food waste, empower local farmers while delighting yourself with high-quality products!


+ 200kg

food rescued

+60 000 Liters

water saved from waste

How It Works.

Everything we put on your plate is meticulously sourced by us following these principles:

And the best part?

The products & flavours delivered are always a surprise. Your community won't know exactly what’s on the menu that day. Delight them with a delicious surprise. Put smiles on their faces!

Why Tasty Hour.


We raise awareness

We live in a system that taught us to know the price of everything but the value of nothing!

We help you be part of the change  towards learning the real price and right value to what we eat.

We want to tell you the stories behind it.

We fight

Food Waste

Tasty Hour collaborates with local producers, giving their fresh, delicious surplus food a second life!

We compromise that at least 50% of what we offer is made with seasonal artisan surplus produce,

We turn it into a delicious rescued breakfast, brunch or tapeo for corporate events, delivered to your door.  

We support our local community

The other 50% of our ingredients are sourced:

  • locally from small farms and producers

  •  bio/organic/eco

  • from upcycled products coming from our social entrepreneurs friends in the city!



We help your company raise awareness of food waste as the leading cause of global warming.


Let's act now together and reach your sustainability goals.


We help you create a happy event by tailoring our menus to your needs.


We give back to food rescue organisations 


Sounds interesting? 

They love Tasty Hour!

Depotlab founder

Why We're Great >

happy taster at Go Zerowaste event

Why We're Great >


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