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Our story

Saving food for good

We throw away 3 times more food than anyone of us is ever going to eat in our entire life time! On a global scale, food waste is responsible for one third of our carbon emissions. Why is that? Because when food end up in a landfill, it desintgrates releasing methane gases contributing to the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming


We started with the bakery sector because waste is inherent to this type of business: would you go back to a bakery if every evening they run out of everything? Plus, who doesn't love a sweet treat from time to time?


We believe that Tasty Hour is more than a food saving service. We are delivering smile to your office thanks to a new breakfast experience around food waste and the sustainibility of our food system.

Our goal is to raise awareness and help prevent as many tasty pastries as possible from going to waste while delivering happiness to the office!

The Team


Growing up in France, one of my favorite memories was going to the bakery. My mother and I would go every night to buy a loaf of bread for the next day.


Time after time, I watched the untouched pieces of my favorite cakes being thrown away at closing. I was always so sad, unable to understand why they had to be thrown away at just a day old.


The memory of this happening right in front of my eyes got revived when I moved to Barcelona and saw a full table of pastries being thrown away. I got angry, and decided to make a change, which is why I created Tasty Hour.


I came to value food much more than ever after living in many different countries including China where I backpacked across the country visiting remote tribes along the Yellow River. Their limited resources mean that every single grain of rice is valued preciously.

And then the food crisis in my home country, Venezuela, convinced me that I had to do something to change the way people see food. 

Joining Léa in her mission to rescue baked goods was just an evidence. I am here to change how people see day old products! We can do it together!