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We responsibly select our producers with sustainability at heart: you get local products from our farmers, our young positive-impact brands and independent regional artisans. We give you the option to choose among different products with all the information about their impact so you can freely make informed choices towards your carbon-footprint.

Authentic and Convivial

Sweet and Savoury Breakfast

  • Organic Sourdough bread toasts from artisanal ORIGO BAKERY in Gracia -bread types rescued in the past include 4 ancient grains bread, wheat-free oat and almonds loaf, high-mountain rye bread, all depending on the unsold products of the day 

  • With wonky fruit jams and vegetable patés from ES-IMPERFECT in Llobregat that you can spread on using our compostable or reusable (bamboo or stainless steel) cutlery

  • Assorted artisan croissants and butter brioche made by La Light Pastisseria in the past we have rescued hazelnut cream, cheesecake, coconut and chocolate filled croissants and even vegan charcoal cornetto!

Wake-up drinks

  • Ethical Barcelona-roasted coffee from small independent and sustainable brands like Slowmov, Ethics Coffee, Three Marks Coffee

  • Tea in bulk, organic naturally flavoured Black and Green from social company TETERUM and JOSENEA

  • Cold-pressed fruit juice and smoothies that say no to food waste from our friends at ESOES

Wake-up drinks


As with imperfect fruits and vegetables, we know that we are all different, especially when it comes to allergies. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to find you alternatives. Thank you!

Our deliveries are done either on foot, bike, public transport or last resort depending on the size of your event by electric vehicle whenever possible.


Something is missing? Looking for something else? We are experts in sourcing so if you are looking for something different, please contact us, we will be happy to help!

Check for allergens here

Packaging, cutleries & family

Our commitment to our planet would not be complete if we served you the food in plastic trays!


We go beyond sustainable food, making sure the packaging, cutlery, glasses used are aligned with our values. We always first try to provide you with reusable packaging: we bring, we serve, we wash. If not possible, we will use compostable packaging, secondly biodegradable and lastly 100% recyclable plastic. For example, you can use our compostable spoons to spread our jams on toasts.

One last point: our minimum order is for roughly of 15 guests in central Barcelona - for deliveries outside of Barcelona they may be an additional fee depending on the exact location. For more information, please read our terms and conditions or contact us